About the Pastor

Meet people whose passion and mission in life is to spread the word of God. They are driven by their desire to open the eyes of people into the goodness of our creator.

Our pastors are people with unparalleled life experiences where their beliefs have been proven in many circumstances. If you are looking for people who you can talk to, you can count on them.

Rev. Carlot Alcide

  • Rev. Carlot Alcide, born in 1975, Saint-Marc, Haiti
  • Graduated from High School in 1997 ( Lycee Stenio Vincent, Saint-Marc)
  • Studied Law for 3 years in University of Law, Saint-Marc (Incomplete, 2000)
  • Maried in 2006, and had 5 Children.
  • Ordained and Head pastor of Schekina Baptist Church in 2007
  • Diplomed in Theology in Christian Ministry Center (Saint-Marc, 1999)
  • Diplomed in Theology From Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (2010)
  • Bachelor in Ministry from Palm Beach Baptist Theological Seminary (Continuing education)