About Us

Eglise Baptiste Schekina, Inc. is one family.

All alike, all equal, all loved by the same God who created us.

We are brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are just like you! We are imperfect individuals doing our best to show gratitude to our Father in Heaven through worship, preaching of His gospel, and in giving a hand to all those that are in need whether physically, emotionally, financially, and most especially spiritually.

Eglise Baptiste Schekina, Inc. is a non-profit organization with the genuine mission of spreading the word of God through discipling, bible studies, and other activities that shows how God really loves us. To educate that it is us, that he saved through sacrificing his own life. We are an organization who edifies others towards a fulfilling and peaceful life.

Eglise Baptiste Schekina, Inc. is located in Green Acres, Florida and we invite you to attend services with us! It is not just us that would be very glad to have you but our Lord as well would be more than happy to see you. And we guarantee that you too would be feeling this pure joy.

At Eglise Baptiste Schekina, Inc. we keep you updated with news and stories that inspire Christians and non-Christians alike in their day to day struggles from people themselves that have survived them. We bring to you uplifting messages from real experiences. And we hope someday, you would share us your own.

Besides prayer, you can also talk to us anytime for spiritual counseling at 561-572-7188. God bless you!