Couples Ministry

Vision Statement
Our couple’s ministry promotes better understanding with each other with the enlightenment of the word of God. We empower couples by giving them tools to sustain a healthy relationship. This will not only be beneficial to couples, but also to their children, family, community and to the church as well.

This type of ministry encourages couples to pray, reflect and worship the Lord. We help them understand the sacredness of marriage by discussing their situation and how to overcome disputes. We believe that for a marriage to work properly it has to be a work of both parties, giving and listening to each other.

Target Audience

  • Pre-marital couples
  • Married couples
  • Couples with problems(having various relationship issues)
  • Couples living with their children

Meeting Times

Requirements for Couples Ministry Volunteers

  • An active member of EGLISE BAPTISTE SCHEKINA, INC.
  • Meet all set requirements of the the ministry