Educational Scholarship Sponsorships

Our Educational Scholarship Sponsorship is created to help individuals who wants to attend school with the help of sincere and generous people.

At EGLISE BAPTISTE SCHEKINA, INC., we give opportunities to dedicated individuals to change their life into something better. By believing in them and supporting them in pursuing their dreams towards acquiring a degree. Our scholarship sponsorship is supported by people with a genuine heart whose intention is to help uplift the lives of others.

We give value to the dreams of numerous kids to be able to finish their studies, which is why we have created a program to help them. It is our pleasure to give hope and to provide them a greater chance to have a brighter future. Our scholarship and sponsorship is given to deserving individuals with a full dedication of making a change in their lives.

To know more about our Educational Scholarship Sponsorship, you may call us at 561-572-7188.