Evangelism Fellowship

Our evangelism fellowship is composed of people with a pure intention of proclaiming the Word of God. Their mission is to establish the beliefs and good purpose of God to local churches and communities.

Evangelize the gospel and the teachings of God and let other people see the truth about life, love and faith. Know, learn and preach the good word not only to our brothers and sisters even to those who are not in full commitment with God. Share with them the pure love and immeasurable sacrifice of our Creator to save them. Let them know of the unparalleled care and guidance that He has given us.

Help them strengthen their beliefs by making known to them the biblical truth. Encourage them to be good and to do good. Educate them that they don’t have to worry about their lives, purpose or where they are going on this journey, they need not to be afraid because God is leading the path all the way.