Our Ministries

Our goal
To bring hope to the weary, help to the weak, and prayer for every challenge that we face. We want to enlighten others about the unconditional love that God has given us. The teachings that are written to help us understand what life really is, it gave us a wider perspective in how we look at things. The discernment of love, faith and forgiveness is more than what we could ever imagine of. It is the belief that God truly loves us, and He only wants the best for us.

Is to help individuals who are confused, depressed and down to go back to God, and establish a sincere relationship with the creator. To let them know that they will never be alone in this life, that God has always been there for them. To encourage them to know more the Lord, through a heartfelt prayer and knowing about the biblical truth.

Mission Statement
Eglise Baptiste Schekina, Inc. is a religious organization whose mission is to strengthen the spiritual belief of our brothers and sisters around the globe. We encourage the members of the organization to enlighten and help non-believers see the way of God, by building a solid relationship with God.

The spiritual development of its members of our church is one of our main priorities, through a series of bible studies, Sunday school programs and other spiritual activities that help promote the teachings and word of the Lord.

Come help us! Join our ministries and take part in our missions to give everyone the privilege to hear about the good Lord’s gospel and to advocate His love and kindness through our various spiritual, counseling and feeding programs.

Ministries at Eglise Baptiste Schekina, Inc.

  • Men’s Ministry
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Couples Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Music Ministry
  • Ushers Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Family Ministry

Contact us at 561-572-7188 to ask for assistance. You may come over our church services this Sunday and we could talk over about how you can join our family at Eglise Baptiste Schekina, Inc. May God bless your kindness and wonderful decision to help!